Ipsita Roy Chakraverti
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The Voice of the Priestess

About the book: Seen as India's first book on Wiccan philosophy and scriptures, it encompasses prayers, invocations and dialogues from the old Mystery Rites of Wicca. The book is divided into four sections. The first gives the philosophy which lies behind the tradition. The second section gives dialogues between a seeker on the Path of Wicca, and the Wise Woman he comes to for learning. The third section gives pagan prayers which invoke goddesses of different cultures from ancient times. The fourth and final part gives the secret Mystery Rites of Wicca, which has its roots in the cult of the Goddess Isis of Ancient Egypt.

Publisher: The Wiccan Brigade in collaboration with Silver Rose.

About the author: Ipsita Roy Chakraverti is considered to be India's foremost authority on the supernatural and is credited with bringing the Wiccan movement to the Indian subcontinent. She has been hailed as "India's most fabled Wiccan" by PTI and DNA and the German media has called her "one of the most influential women in India today." Ipsita is an author and researcher into old world cultures and civilisations and has spoken out against lobbies with vested interests who use superstition to brand women daayans in India. She is the founder of The Wiccan Brigade and The Young Bengal Brigade. Many of her stories have been televised on ETV Bangla, and a title stories from one of her books has been made into a major motion picture by Sahara One Motion Pictures. Other books by Ipsita Roy Chakraverti include Beloved Witch ( Harper Collins India, 2000, reprinted in 2016 by Life Positive Books), Sacred Evil ( Harper Collins India) , Spirits I Have Known ( Harper Collins India) and Beloved Witch Returns ( Life Positive Books)

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