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Research into Ancient Knowledge

The Young Bengal Brigade bursts upon the firmament at a time when the world is struck by violence and strife, and society is beset with a loss of values. Perhaps we have forgotten the value of researched knowledge and ancient systems which aided us in understanding the wisdom of our forefathers. Sometimes we lose ourselves in trying to be too rational and in other instances our faith may turn to superstition. The YBB seeks to quest for knowledge in a balanced way without losing perspective. The subjects we deal with are many and varied. We delve into mythology, history, psychology and the esoteric and most of all, the human mind. We believe there is much more beyond our tangible selves – if we only can decode the mysteries of the Ancients. Not only do we deal with the academics but we make it a part of our lives. We try to live the knowledge in order to understand it.

It has been my life’s quest to decode ancient knowledge. Each life has a purpose- perhaps this was mine. Be it Wicca, or the new physics, be it Taoism or the String Theory, be it Egyptian mythology or the theories of Carl Jung, I have researched without bias or prejudice and with an openness of vision.

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti at the 64 Yogini Temple

The YBB seeks individuality in the midst of discipline. It seeks a return to values. I feel this this is the burning need for our country at this hour. Our identity however is of Bengal. I have always begun any landmark work from Kolkata and propose to do so in the future as well. Bengal has a glorious history of freethinking and daring pioneers. In the intellectual arena, Bengal has always been in the forefront. That does not mean that we are not looking to the rest of the country. We are proud Indians, ever aware of the rich Indian tradition and culture around us. We are aware of its glorious idealism and its men and women who have lent richness to its spiritual and ethical values.

Unfortunately today those values are crumbling. Women and children are no longer safe. We can no longer look up to our leaders for protection and guidance. We can only look to the wisdom of the past. That is what we propose to do.

We believe in the holistic system of keeping mind, body and spirit healthy. We believe that the journey ever goes on. We are optimists and yes, we adventure. We are the standard bearers into a new freethinking and idealistic tomorrow. We break the old as we stride forth.

I congratulate those who join me on this journey forward. This is the Young Bengal Brigade.

Ipsita Roy Chakraverti

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